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Villa de la Plata

Casa de la Libertad

Plaza 25 de Mayo

Hostal Santa Cruz


Kantu Nucchu

San Felipe Neri

Castillo La Glorieta

La Recoleta

Parque Simon Bolivar

Parque Cretácico

Prevention Parade

Oruro Carnaval




Isla del Sol



Mookie Pookie

Inka Trail

Tarabuco Palm Sunday

Bolivia 2007
Photographs by Lois and Don Porter

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Potosi is a legendary place. Towering above the city, which is already 13,400 feet above sea level, is the “Cerro Rico”, “Rich mountain”, full of minerals. Founded in 1545, Potosi shipped a mountain of silver to Spain during the colonial period, from 1545 to 1825. Within a few years of its founding, it grew to a population of 200,000 (today it is 120,000). In 1672, a giant mint was founded in Potosi, the Casa de la Moneda, which operated well into the 20th century. It is now a very impressive museum, exhibiting art works, minting equipment, mineralogy and metalurgy, armaments, archeology, silverware, furniture, costumes, and the amazing stone buildings themselves.

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