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Bolivia 2007
Photographs by Lois and Don Porter

We have been volunteering two afternoons a week at the Hogar Tata Juan de Dios, an orphanage here in Sucre. We help the teacher and staff work with the kids (some 21 2- to 5-year olds). Lois has been teaching the kids one of her favorite songs: "Mookie Pookie", by David Jack (DavidJack.com but unfortunately David's album of children's songs in Spanish is not listed on his site). Lois made two "grass skirts" (from newspapers) and two "Hawaiian Leis" (from fabric scraps and shoestrings) for the kids to wear while dancing the hula and singing "Mookie Pookie". They loved it. Lois made a poster of the activity and gave it to the kids. Nilda, the teacher, enjoyed it too!

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Mookie Pookie, by David Jack

[English translation (free) by Lois Porter]

There is a tiny island called Mookie Pookie
In the lake named Maka Laka Le
Where the animals dance, dance very well,
The turtle Myrtle dances hula as well,
When the sun goes down,
Everyone around listens to the Cocos sing
The song that has a lot of zing,
And this is how it goes:

Would you like a kiss? Maka Laka—
A little kiss Mookie Pookie ay yay
Just a little kiss like this Maka Laka—
What a kiss Mookie Pookie ay yay
If you give a kiss to me
I will return it free
That’s it, Maka Laka
What a kiss Mookie Pookie ay yay

Hay una isla pequeña que se llama Mookie Pookie
En el lago Maka Laka Le
Donde los animales bailen, bailen muy bien
La tortuga chula baila hula también
Cuando bajo el sol
Todos alrededor escuchan a los cocos cantar
La canción que nos gusta escuchar
Y así es como va

Te gustaría un besito
Maka Laka
Que besito Mookie Pookie ay yay
Solo un besito así
Maka Laka
Que besito mookie pookie ay yay
Si me das un besito a mí
Yo te lo daré a ti
Eso es Maka Laka
Que besito mookie pookie ay yay