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Villa de la Plata

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Plaza 25 de Mayo

Hostal Santa Cruz


Kantu Nucchu

San Felipe Neri

Castillo La Glorieta

La Recoleta

Parque Simon Bolivar

Parque Cretácico

Prevention Parade

Oruro Carnaval




Isla del Sol



Mookie Pookie

Inka Trail

Tarabuco Palm Sunday

Bolivia 2007
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

San Felipe Neri

Some of the most spectacular views of Sucre can be found on the roof of this church and convent, which was founded in 1795, constructed in a neo-classical style. The roof is flanked by 2 octagonal towers linked by an arch with lanterns on the domes. Our photos include some taken from the two bell towers. The surface of the roof is tiled. What an amazing place!

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070127-153102IMG_0249 070127-153308P1010735 070127-153400IMG_0255 070127-153642IMG_0261
Lois on roof, rotunda octagonal tower in background Lanterns on domes, bell towers behind Bell towers across courtyard Lanterns, bell towers, and rotunda
070127-153720IMG_0262 070127-153904IMG_0266 070127-154042P1010753 070127-154052P1010754
Lois on nun's bench among lanterns Cloister roof Lois among lanterns; Cathedral tower in background Domed roof, overlooking city
070127-154124IMG_0269 070127-154130P1010756 070127-154252P1010760 070127-154412P1010767
Courtyard, bell towers in background Bell towers from lower roof Bell towers from roof of the nave Patio of neighboring house
070127-154710P1010781 070127-155046P1010796 070127-155610P1010813 070127-155614IMG_0289
Plazuela Cochabamba, across the street From bell tower Rotunda tower from near the bell towers Courtyard from bell tower