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Villa de la Plata

Casa de la Libertad

Plaza 25 de Mayo

Hostal Santa Cruz


Kantu Nucchu

San Felipe Neri

Castillo La Glorieta

La Recoleta

Parque Simon Bolivar

Parque Cretácico

Prevention Parade

Oruro Carnaval




Isla del Sol



Mookie Pookie

Inka Trail

Tarabuco Palm Sunday

Bolivia 2007
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

Villa de la Plata is a guest house that includes two apartments ( 2 bedrooms each) plus two small student rooms on the top floor. Most of the top floor is a lovely plant-filled terrace with great views of the city. Our gracious hostess Señora Ruth and her dog Pitufitu (as well as her husband) are the owners; they live in other parts of the house. We have the 2nd floor apartment (that is, up 2 flights – we would call this the 3rd floor at home). The benefit of walking up 2 flights is the great views. Villa de la Plata is just 3 blocks from Plaza 25 de Mayo, the main square at the center of the old city.

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Lois in living room View out the front window Looking toward Basilica San Fancisco from kitchen balcony Don in living room Don in kitchen
070115-152942P1010622 070117-120858_MG_1997 070117-121102_MG_2005 070118-104510P1010637 070118-121052IMG_0098
Nobody in bed (but not for long) Lois on rooftop terrace Looking toward Plaza 25 Mayo (downtown) from rooftop Nap time for Don Women spinning and knitting across the street, seen from our balcony
070119-180648_MG_2064 070120-121438_MG_2128 070120-121442_MG_2130    
Sunset from our balcony Lois on our kitchen balcony (top left) Lois on the kitchen balcony