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Villa de la Plata

Casa de la Libertad

Plaza 25 de Mayo

Hostal Santa Cruz


Kantu Nucchu

San Felipe Neri

Castillo La Glorieta

La Recoleta

Parque Simon Bolivar

Parque Cretácico

Prevention Parade

Oruro Carnaval




Isla del Sol



Mookie Pookie

Inka Trail

Tarabuco Palm Sunday

Bolivia 2007
Photographs by Lois and Don Porter

On Sunday, March 25, we took another guided hike in the mountains to the west of Sucre. We got a late start from the Joy Ride Café, with our guide Karem and our driver Gabriel, but we had a beautiful clear sunny day. We started our hike from the chapel at Chataquila (elev. 3650 Meters above sea level) at about 11am. We hiked DOWN the Inka Trail, arriving in Chamuco (3100 M. above sea level) about 1pm. Gabriel met us there; he drove the 4WD van down the scary road while we walked down the trail built and used by Incas, and maintained since by locals. Walking down the trail we were passed by 3 locals, one of whom carried a charango (small Bolivian guitar-like instrument) – Karem explained that the tradition is to play music on the trail to keep away bad spirits. From the trail we had some great views of the Ravelo and Potolo rivers and the Crater of Maragua.

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