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Prevention Parade

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Bolivia 2007
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

Prevention Parade

Carnaval is a big deal in Bolivia. The world-famous example happens in Oruru (we will be there – watch for photos when it is over). But every city has its own version, coming up this year next weekend, February 16-18. Sucre has begun serious preparations for the local carnival. Yesterday (Friday, Feb. 9) there were award ceremonies (from past carnival efforts) and performances by local bands. Today, the Municipality of Sucre sponsored a parade, “Corso de la Prevención”, designed to encourage safe behavior during the dangerously bacchic period of carnival. Civic groups, especially youth groups, participated with bands, costumes, signs, dancing, floats, and general festivity. Each group was advocating some kind of “prevention” – especially: moderation. Use of alcohol, drugs, and cigarets were vigorously condemned. Many groups demonstrated against risky sexual behavior – warning of AIDS and other STDs. Condoms, as a costume, were ubiquitous. Condoms were also handed out. The last group in the parade were the National Police, warning against all of those things, plus car theft and drunken driving. We hope the hundreds of young people who obviously had a great time in today’s parade act on the advice they were giving.

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