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Tarabuco Palm Sunday

Bolivia 2007
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

Tarabuco is a small indigenous town famous for its Sunday market, featuring textiles from the region. Some of the Tarabuco men and women wear monteras, leather hats patterned after those worn by the conquistadores. Tarabuco is a very interesting town, even in the rain.

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Textile seller in the plaza Family in town for Sunday market Lois buying a cinturon from a happy seller Guys in the plaza with ponchos and radio Kid in the bandstand on the plaza
070114-112848_MG_1910 070114-112944P1010527 070114-114206P1010528 070114-115918P1010541 070114-120312_MG_1922
Lois on the plaza - happy shopper Don on the plaza, happy the rain stopped Burros waiting to carry stuff home Woman heading home Meeting friends on market day
070114-120352P1010552 070114-120532_MG_1933 070114-120648_MG_1939 070114-120748_MG_1944 070114-120944_MG_1948
Meeting friends on market day Meeting friends on market day Note the Tarabuco style woven skirt Rain stopped for now Couple heading for market
Just hanging loose