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Photos by Don and Lois Porter

Parque Simón Bolívar

Originally designed and built in the mid-eighteenth century by Don Ramón Garcia Pizarro, a colonial administrator, this is the largest and most beautiful park in Sucre. Facing the entrance to the park is the Supreme Court building; the supreme court was founded by Antonio Jose de Sucre in 1827. The two “Arcos de Triunfo” at the entrance to this park were the gift of the Argandońas in 1900. The copy of the Eiffel Tower was added in 1925. This park has wonderful plantings and is very well maintained. It is an early morning favorite of runners and exercisers … including the Porters.

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Palacio de Justicia Don with park landscaping Don on Eiffel Tower Don on Eiffel Tower
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Landsaping Park bench wtih municipal seal Landscaping Gardens
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Arco de Triunfo Lions, statues, fountain at entrance to Park