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Bolivia 2007
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

Parque Cretácico

The Dinosaur Tracks of Cal Orck’o were discovered in an active limestone quarry in 1994. This site is reportedly the largest collection of dinosaur tracks in the world. The footprints belong to a huge variety of dinosaurs (over 330 species) thought to be alive during the late Cretaceous Era. The city is applying to UNESCO to declare the tracks a Patrimonio de la Humanidad (the city of Sucre itself was declared a Patrimonio in 1994). Complementing the tracks, reproductions of a variety of dinosaurs have been crafted and displayed in an attractive park (Parque Cretácico). The park offers an excellent vantage for viewing the dinosaur tracks. Among the reproductions (all life-size) are: abelisaurus, iguanodontes, titanosaurus, etc. The reproductions are top quality, very impressive in the amazing setting. Every day the “Dino Truck” departs from the center of Sucre (Plaza 25 de Mayo) at 9:30 and noon, taking loads of tourists (both international and Bolivian) to Parque Cretácico. The Dino Truck is a real institution itself – seemingly indestructible, although mechanical difficulties are common (that’s why it was 15 minutes late picking us up after our visit to the Parque).

070120-080702_MG_2065 070120-092104_MG_2082 070120-092122P1010671 070120-092308P1010673
Dino Truck - early 1950s International Titanosaurus Aquasnarlosaurus Titanosaurus
070120-092444_MG_2089 070120-092700_MG_2092 070120-092842P1010684 070120-093120_MG_2096
Titanosaurus not noticing Lois Quarry wall with dinosaur tracks Eat-tree-osaurus Close-up of dino tracks on wall
070120-093426_MG_2099 070120-093456_MG_2100 070120-095112_MG_2111 070120-095212_MG_2112
Unfriendly-osaurus Blueback-osaurus Lois with bird-osaurus Stegosaurus
070120-095348_MG_2115 070120-095526P1010696 070120-095654P1010697 070120-100410P1010700
Dino track wall behind unknown-osaurus Dino track wall behind Don-osaurus Pterodactyl (wings out of view) Daisies-osaurus