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Andalucia Trip

November 16 - December 1, 2000

Andalucia is southern Spain, along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline. We had an apartment for two weeks in the Barrio Santa Cruz section of Seville as our base of operations. From there we visited several fascinating nearby places. Lois and I shared this lovely trip with Lois's sister Doris and Doris's husband Lee. These are some of the photos I took on the trip, using my Olympus D2020Z digital camera. Of course the originals are too large to fit the storage and bandwidth requiements of most web use, so what you see here are compressed and reduced images. Leaving a little of the glory to your imagination.



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The provinces of Andalucia:


The doors of Andalucia:

Walking along the streets (many of them too narrow for all but the tiniest cars), we constantly came upon fascinating doorways. To our delight, many of these doorways were open (at all hours) to allow passersby to enjoy the beauty of the entrance halls (with fabulous tile work) and, sometimes, even the interior courtyard.



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