Andalucia November 2000
Don Porter


Cadiz has a claim to being the oldest city in Europe. It was founded sometime around 1100 BCE by the Phoenicians. We saw excavations under way next to the cathedral, exposing some Phoenician stonework apparently from 800 BCE. Cadiz is almost an island - a narrow spit of land now covered with more modern and industrial construction connects the old city to the mainland.

CathedralCrypt CathedralWaterfront FromTorreTavira MercadoCentral1
CathedralCrypt.jpg CathedralWaterfr... FromTorreTavira.jpg MercadoCentral1.jpg
MercadoCentral2 MercadoCentral3 PlazaFlores1 PlazaFlores2
MercadoCentral2.jpg MercadoCentral3.jpg PlazaFlores1.jpg PlazaFlores2.jpg
PlazaFlores3 ShoppingStreet StreetScooter  
PlazaFlores3.jpg ShoppingStreet.jpg StreetScooter.jpg


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