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Grand Canyon Raft Trip

September 1-9, 2000

Operator: Diamond River Adventures

Here are photos from the trip taken with my Olympus C2020Z digital camera. They are organized by day, with the exact date/time stamp for the filenames. For example, a photo taken at 11:24am on 9/5/2000 will be labelled 09051124.jpg. I've compressed all photos to sizes that are barely acceptable for average web users. The originals are much bigger (higher resolution and quality). If any trip participants want to get higher quality copies of any of the photos, let me know and I can make arrangements. Meanwhile, I hope you have speedy network connections, because even these smaller files are pretty hefty. At least you can just look at the thumbnails before deciding which photos you are willing to wait for. One of them (marked with a Warning) is even bigger, because I sewed it together from 5 separate photos, to get a panorama (see Day 3).


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We got ready for our trip with a night ("Night 0") in the Ramada Inn in Page, Arizona, August 31, 2000. The next morning we set out from Lee's Ferry, at Mile 0 in the Grand Canyon. Here is the synopsis of the trip:

(Map courtesy of The Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection, The University of Texas at Austin.)  
Participants and Crew: All identified by first names only.  

A few interesting facts, culled from Belknap's "Grand Canyon River Guide", that we don't recall hearing during the trip:

* Botanists Dr. Elzada Clover and Lois Jotler became the first women to successfully complete a Canyon run, traveling with Norman Nevills in 1938.

* By 1949 -- 80 years after Powell -- only 100 persons had travelled through the Grand Canyon on the river.

* When war surplus inflatable craft became available, Georgie Clark -- a woman -- pioneered present-day commercial river running. She lashed 3 bridge pontoons side-by-side and steered them with an outboard motor, taking up to 50 passengers and their gear down the river. Others began building versions of the G-rig, as they called Georgie's creations. Perhaps Rapid 217 should be named after Georgie?