Ride on the Teleferico
Lois and Don Porter

The Merida Teleferico (Cable Car) is a famous tourist attraction. It is the longest (12.5 km) and highest (4765 meters above sea level) in the world. When we arrived in Merida in January, we learned that it was closed for maintenance, and had been closed since November. In preparation for the major tourist event of Carnival ("Feria del Sol"), the teleferico opened on February 18th, although only the first two of four segments were open. On Friday, February 20th, we rode the teleferico as far as it was going, up to the "La Aguada" station, at 3452 meters (11,326 ft.). The weather was far from perfect: it was actually raining when we got up at 6am to be there in plenty of time for our scheduled 8am lift-off. It did clear somewhat, then the clouds built up again. Mountain weather is like that. These are some of the photos from that ride.

040220-083718P2200023 040220-085014IMG_5021 040220-094008P2200046 040220-094442P2200047 040220-102058P2200057
040220-083718P2200023.jpg         040220-085014IMG_5021.jpg         040220-094008P2200046.jpg         040220-094442P2200047.jpg         040220-102058P2200057.jpg        
040220-111418P2200030 040220-111908IMG_5141 040220-112102IMG_5155 040220-113132IMG_5178 040220-113356P2200023
040220-111418P2200030.jpg         040220-111908IMG_5141.jpg         040220-112102IMG_5155.jpg         040220-113132IMG_5178.jpg         040220-113356P2200023.jpg        

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