Parque Sierra Nevada -- Mucuy
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

The weekend of March 5-7, we rented a little Renault and drove up to the high paramo region around Apartaderos, some 40 miles or so northeast of Merida. We stayed in a nice hotel in Apartaderos, and visited surrounding attractions: Pico el Aguila, Lago Mucubaji (where we hiked in to Laguna Negra), Parque Mifafi, and the CIDA astronomical observatory. On the way back to Merida on Sunday we stopped for a hike in the Mucuy section of the Parque Sierra Nevada.

Pico el Aguila

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040307-113802IMG_9775.jpg         040307-115518P3070017.jpg         040307-123028IMG_9782.jpg         040307-124434P3070029.jpg         040307-124552IMG_9789.jpg        
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040307-131330P3070041.jpg         040307-134732IMG_9825.jpg         040307-134740P3070053.jpg        

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