Around Town in Mérida
Lois and Don Porter

Here is a somewhat random tour around the city of Mérida. These photos may capture a little of the feeling of the city, as we have experienced it in our wanderings about town. Some of the photos have explanations attached.

01-PlazaBolivar 02-PlazaBolivar 03-PlazaBolivar-Pesebre 04-Basilica 05-Basilica
01-PlazaBolivar.jpg         02-PlazaBolivar.jpg         03-PlazaBolivar-Pesebre.jpg         04-Basilica.jpg         05-Basilica.jpg        
06-Basilica 07-AcrossCity 08-AcrossCity 09-AcrossCity 10-LosProceres
06-Basilica.jpg         07-AcrossCity.jpg         08-AcrossCity.jpg         09-AcrossCity.jpg         10-LosProceres.jpg        
11-LosProceres 12-LosProceres 13-LosProceres 14-AcrossCity 15-FrontYard
11-LosProceres.jpg         12-LosProceres.jpg         13-LosProceres.jpg         14-AcrossCity.jpg         15-FrontYard.jpg        

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