Los Nevados
Lois and Don Porter

When the Carnival craziness struck Merida, we headed for the hills. Los Nevados, to be specific. This village is over the ridge of the Sierra Nevada to the southeast of Merida, only 20 miles or so as the condor flies. But it takes nearly 4 hours to get there by jeep, the last 2 hours over a "road" that is more mule trail and that was not improved to be jeepable until some 7 years ago. One rough ride! But the village Los Nevados at the end of the ride is famously beautiful, and blessedly peaceful. We walked for hours along the mule roads -- up and down (there is nothing level to be found: the only street in the town (cobblestone) has about a 15% grade. We saw lots of farms and farmers, lots of flowers, and gorgeous mountains.

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