Los Llanos Part 7 - Tuesday return
Lois and Don Porter

Up before dawn Tuesday for the long ride back to Merida. Stops along the way at the Cascadas Alta Mira and at the overlook above the Santo Domingo reservoir. Back to Merida by 6pm, thanks to expert and speedy driving by Daniel.

01-BeforeSunrise 02-Rosa 03-YellowBird 04-AtSunrise 05-CarlosAndLicandro
01-BeforeSunrise.jpg         02-Rosa.jpg         03-YellowBird.jpg         04-AtSunrise.jpg         05-CarlosAndLicandro.jpg        
06-ButterflyAltaMira 07-CarlosLeapingAltaMira 08-DonSantoDomingo 09-SantoDomingo 10-LoisSantoDomingo
06-ButterflyAltaMira.jpg         07-CarlosLeapingAltaMira.jpg         08-DonSantoDomingo.jpg         09-SantoDomingo.jpg         10-LoisSantoDomingo.jpg        

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