Los Llanos Part 6 - Monday afternoon
Lois and Don Porter

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After lunch and (hot) siesta, we went to another spot on the river for a boat ride, this time without motor. Powered by 3 Carlos's with paddles. Quiet and peaceful and once again, saw lots of birds.

01-Iguana 02-Hawk 03-Eagle 04-Hawk 05-Hawk
01-Iguana.jpg         02-Hawk.jpg         03-Eagle.jpg         04-Hawk.jpg         05-Hawk.jpg        
06-Woodpecker 07-Carlos 08-Cormorant 09-Kingfisher 10-Dove
06-Woodpecker.jpg         07-Carlos.jpg         08-Cormorant.jpg         09-Kingfisher.jpg         10-Dove.jpg        
11-MichaelAndCarlos 12-Kingfisher 13-Kingfisher 14-Gallita 15-BigBird
11-MichaelAndCarlos.jpg         12-Kingfisher.jpg         13-Kingfisher.jpg         14-Gallita.jpg         15-BigBird.jpg        

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