Los Llanos Part 5 - Monday morning
Lois and Don Porter

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Monday morning up with the sun to have breakfast and then ride out on horses. We saw a giant anteater in the grassland, scared up by Carlos (guide) and then rounded up by Carlos (camp host). Photographing from horseback is a new experience! We also found a few burrowing owls. Then we rode on to visit another camp, hosted by Carlos's brother.

01-Sunrise 02-Rosa 03-Rosa 04-Bird 05-Kingfisher
01-Sunrise.jpg         02-Rosa.jpg         03-Rosa.jpg         04-Bird.jpg         05-Kingfisher.jpg        
06-Kingfisher 07-Ibis 08-Bird 09-Anteater 10-Anteater
06-Kingfisher.jpg         07-Ibis.jpg         08-Bird.jpg         09-Anteater.jpg         10-Anteater.jpg        
11-BurrowingOwl 12-CarlosAndChick 13-Ibis 14-DonAndHorse 15-LoisAndHorse
11-BurrowingOwl.jpg         12-CarlosAndChick.jpg         13-Ibis.jpg         14-DonAndHorse.jpg         15-LoisAndHorse.jpg        

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