Los Llanos Part 4- Sunday Afternoon
Lois and Don Porter

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In the afternoon, we went on a launch on the Guaritico River. We started by fishing for piranha, which we later ate for dinner. The guides fed some of the piranha to the eagles. We saw lots of birds, a few iguanas, and many many crocodiles -- two species: the Baba ("spectacled caiman") and the big ones (Caiman del Orinoco). The guides captured one of the big ones with a rope noose on a long pole, for the amusement of the younger tourists.

01-TigerHeron 02-CarlitosWithPiranha 03-MichaelWithPiranha 04-Heron 05-Dolphin
01-TigerHeron.jpg         02-CarlitosWithPiranha.jpg         03-MichaelWithPiranha.jpg         04-Heron.jpg         05-Dolphin.jpg        
06-Egret 07-Heron 08-Chenchena 09-EagleGrabsPiranha1 10-EagleGrabsPiranha2
06-Egret.jpg         07-Heron.jpg         08-Chenchena.jpg         09-EagleGrabsPiranha1.jpg         10-EagleGrabsPiranha2.jpg        
11-EagleGrabsPiranha3 12-CapturedCroc 13-CarlosWithCroc 14-ReleasedCroc 15-CommonBird
11-EagleGrabsPiranha3.jpg         12-CapturedCroc.jpg         13-CarlosWithCroc.jpg         14-ReleasedCroc.jpg         15-CommonBird.jpg        

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