Los Llanos Part 3 - Sunday Morning
Lois and Don Porter

We went for a safari outing Sunday morning, including lots of birds and a couple of anacondas. Returned to camp for lunch and siesta 1-3:30pm, the hottest part of the day.

01-DonInSafariBoots 02-SmallWhiteheadedBird 03-Scissortail 04-SmallBird 05-Caballito
01-DonInSafariBoots.jpg         02-SmallWhiteheadedBird.jpg         03-Scissortail.jpg         04-SmallBird.jpg         05-Caballito.jpg        
06-MichaelWithAnaconda 07-LoisWithAnaconda 08-Anaconda 09-Egret 10-Hawk
06-MichaelWithAnaconda.jpg         07-LoisWithAnaconda.jpg         08-Anaconda.jpg         09-Egret.jpg         10-Hawk.jpg        
11-IbisAndBaba 12-ScarletIbis      
11-IbisAndBaba.jpg         12-ScarletIbis.jpg        

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