Los Llanos Part 2 - Campamento
Lois and Don Porter

The sun had set by the time we arrived Friday night at Campamento Los Angeles, near Manteca, in Apure State. We were greeted warmly by Carlos and his family (another Carlos, not our guide). After dinner and a good night's sleep in our hammocks, we arose to a glorious day. We strolled out the front gate of the camp and took lots of photos of the birds enjoying the waterway across the road. Among them were a pair of Ibis, who were building a nest in a palm tree right in the middle of the camp. We were also introduced to the camp mascots: Roberto (parrot), Rosa (macaw), and Luis (capybara). Some of the little girls in the family warned us that Luis can bite if he gets ornery, so we stayed wary.

01-Sunset 02-CampLosAngeles 03-Heron 04-Cardinal 05-Ibis
01-Sunset.jpg         02-CampLosAngeles.jpg         03-Heron.jpg         04-Cardinal.jpg         05-Ibis.jpg        
06-Ibis 07-Kingfisher 08-HeronPlus 09-Roberto 10-Rosa
06-Ibis.jpg         07-Kingfisher.jpg         08-HeronPlus.jpg         09-Roberto.jpg         10-Rosa.jpg        

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