Visit to Jají
Lois and Don Porter

On Thursday, January 15, we set out from the Merida bus terminal for an exciting ride throught the mountains to the village of Jají. It took just over an hour, passing through lush mountainside greenery and breath-taking vistas across huge valleys in a "Por Puesto" van-bus. We were delighted with the storybook village, its Plaza Bolivar (complete with Pesebre - Nativity scene), and the surrounding mountains and valleys. We enjoyed fresh trout for lunch at the restaurant of the posada "La Aldea Vieja" ("The old village"). The Plaza is lined with arts and crafts shops. We bought a couple of small items, notably a package of "Catalina" home-made ginger cookies.

01-PlazaBolivar1 02-PlazaBolivar2 03-PlazaB-Pesebre 04-Parroquia1 05-Parroquia2
01-PlazaBolivar1.jpg         02-PlazaBolivar2.jpg         03-PlazaB-Pesebre.jpg         04-Parroquia1.jpg         05-Parroquia2.jpg        
06-LaAldeaVieja1 07-LaAldeaVieja2 08-LaAldeaVieja3 09-LaAldeaVieja4 10-LaAldeaVieja5
06-LaAldeaVieja1.jpg         07-LaAldeaVieja2.jpg         08-LaAldeaVieja3.jpg         09-LaAldeaVieja4.jpg         10-LaAldeaVieja5.jpg        
11-Calle1 12-Calle2 13-PlazaBolivar4    
11-Calle1.jpg         12-Calle2.jpg         13-PlazaBolivar4.jpg        

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