Feria del Sol - Parade
Lois and Don Porter

One of the major activities of the Feria del Sol is the big parade. It began in the morning on Sunday, February 15. The staging area was the Avenue of the Americas, very near our apartment. We visited most of the floats, people, giant puppets, bands, etc. as they were forming up and waiting hours for the parade to get going. We also watched many of them as they actually marched by the commercial center Mamayeya on the Avenue. Here is a selection of our photos from the parade.

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040215-102416IMG_4387.jpg         040215-102458IMG_4389.jpg         040215-102552IMG_4395.jpg         040215-102820P2150031.jpg         040215-103154IMG_4410.jpg        
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040215-103356IMG_4420.jpg         040215-103734P2150047.jpg         040215-104232P2150061.jpg         040215-104252IMG_4436.jpg         040215-104428P2150066.jpg        
040215-104614IMG_4443 040215-104630P2150072 040215-104644IMG_4449 040215-105022IMG_4462 040215-105146IMG_4469
040215-104614IMG_4443.jpg         040215-104630P2150072.jpg         040215-104644IMG_4449.jpg         040215-105022IMG_4462.jpg         040215-105146IMG_4469.jpg        

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