El Valle
Photos by Lois and Don Porter

"El Valle" ("The Valley") is a gorgeous agricultural area some 6 to 10 miles northeast of the center of Merida. We've visited El Valle several times, just passing through. On two Sundays (March 14 and 21) we just took a bus up to the valley (yes, it is ABOVE the Merida elevation), and walked around for some hours. These are some photos from those two visits. Lois took the hummingbird photos (which have been cropped aggressively).

040314-092730P3140001 040314-092822P3140002 040314-095416P3140007 040314-095428P3140008 040314-100650IMG_9855
040314-092730P3140001.jpg         040314-092822P3140002.jpg         040314-095416P3140007.jpg         040314-095428P3140008.jpg         040314-100650IMG_9855.jpg        
040314-102554P3140023 040314-111354IMG_9889 040314-112550IMG_9892 040314-121402IMG_9902 040321-101604P3210002
040314-102554P3140023.jpg         040314-111354IMG_9889.jpg         040314-112550IMG_9892.jpg         040314-121402IMG_9902.jpg         040321-101604P3210002.jpg        
040321-101624P3210003 040321-101842P3210007 040321-102432IMG_9938 040321-103214P3210019 040321-105758P3210022
040321-101624P3210003.jpg         040321-101842P3210007.jpg         040321-102432IMG_9938.jpg         040321-103214P3210019.jpg         040321-105758P3210022.jpg        

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