Park and zoo Chorros de Milla
Lois and Don Porter

On Sunday, January 11, we took our first excursion. We rode a city bus to the Chorros de Milla (cascades of the Milla River) park and zoo on the edge of Mérida. It is a lovely little park, full of families enjoying the beautiful day, the pretty streams and falls, and the animals. Some interesting birds are there, including a breeding pair of Condors - unique in Venezuelan zoos.

01-Chorros-de-Milla 02-Pool 03-Bird 04-Bird 05-Don-cascade
01-Chorros-de-Milla.jpg         02-Pool.jpg         03-Bird.jpg         04-Bird.jpg         05-Don-cascade.jpg        
06-Condors 07-Leopard 08-Flowers 09-Bird 10-Don-flowers
06-Condors.jpg         07-Leopard.jpg         08-Flowers.jpg         09-Bird.jpg         10-Don-flowers.jpg        
11-Lois-obleo 12-KingVulture1 13-KingVulture2 14-KingVulture3 15-KingVulture4
11-Lois-oblea.jpg         12-KingVulture1.jpg         13-KingVulture2.jpg         14-KingVulture3.jpg         15-KingVulture4.jpg        

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