Catatumbo, southern Lake Maracaibo
Lois and Don Porter

A day or two after our return from a magnificent trip to Los Llanos, our friend Michael who was our companion in Los Llanos convinced us to join him in another trip, this one to the Catatumbo region at the southern end of Lake Maracaibo. We were accompanied by Volkar, another guide from the Jaguar agency. We saw some lovely areas, including a walk in the cloud forest, several beautiful waterfalls, a relaxing lunch stop at a remote hot springs, and of course a night in a house-on-water a few hundred yards offshore in Lake Maracaibo. Lots of wildlife, mostly birds, but also freshwater dolphins and howler monkeys.

040130-140040P1300026 040130-144526IMG_3759 040130-145412IMG_3773 040130-155544P1300043 040130-180510IMG_3782
040130-140040P1300026.jpg         040130-144526IMG_3759.jpg         040130-145412IMG_3773.jpg         040130-155544P1300043.jpg         040130-180510IMG_3782.jpg        
040131-072928IMG_3847 040131-073022IMG_3850 040131-081800IMG_3904 040131-081802IMG_3905 040131-081804IMG_3906
040131-072928IMG_3847.jpg         040131-073022IMG_3850.jpg         040131-081800IMG_3904.jpg         040131-081802IMG_3905.jpg         040131-081804IMG_3906.jpg        
040131-084058IMG_3958 040131-084124P1310013 040131-085538IMG_4008 040131-102802IMG_4085 040131-102838IMG_4086
040131-084058IMG_3958.jpg         040131-084124P1310013.jpg         040131-085538IMG_4008.jpg         040131-102802IMG_4085.jpg         040131-102838IMG_4086.jpg        
040131-104554IMG_4092 040131-110752IMG_4139 040131-111314IMG_4153 040131-124928P1310056 040131-132628P1310003
040131-104554IMG_4092.jpg         040131-110752IMG_4139.jpg         040131-111314IMG_4153.jpg         040131-124928P1310056.jpg         040131-132628P1310003.jpg        

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