Arrival in Venezuela
Lois and Don Porter

We arrived at the Caracas Airport (International Terminal) about 10pm on Thursday, January 8th. After a night in the Hotel Aeropuerto, we were back at the National Terminal by 8am for our flight to Mérida. Five hours later, we did actually take off, once the fog finally lifted from Mérida. We checked into the Posada La Montaña, hosted by the delightful Zulay. We immediately set out to find an apartment, aided first by Zulay, who gave us a newspaper with the classified ads as well as good advice. A little later we stumbled into a shop to make phone calls, and were greeted warmly and assisted very graciously by Carmen Alicia. Before Friday was out, we had found an apartment. We moved in Saturday morning. Already we knew we were surrounded by warm helpful people.

01-AirportPesebre 02-PosadaMontaña 03-PosadaMontaña 04-PosadaMontaña-Zulay 05-Lois-CarmenAlicia
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