Visit to Colima
17 January - 17 April 2001
Don and Lois Porter

We arrived in Colima, Mexico on January 17, 2001 for our 3 month visit at the University of Colima. We were invited to the University by Dr. Francisco Fierro, Director de Intercambio Academico y Becas and Mstra. Lourdes Feria, Coordinadora de Tecnologías de Información. We owe a huge debt of thanks to our friends Maria Gonzalez and Pablo Rivera, who suggested that we visit the University of Colima, and who put us in touch with Mstra. Lourdes Feria.

After a long but smooth journey, we arrived late Wednesday night, January 17, at the Colima bus station. [details - last update 2/1/01] We were met by Don Raul Ocampo, who took us along with our 275 pounds of baggage to the apartment of Maria de la Paz, our hostess. We moved into a bedroom in her apartment, where we stayed for the first week. [photos - last update: 2/1/01] [details - last update 2/8/01] We visited a few local attractions -- the parks downtown, and some museums and archeological sites -- on Thursday and over the weekend. [photos - last update: 2/1/01] [details - last update 2/8/01] We especially enjoyed visiting Comala, a small town only 6 miles north of Colima. [photos - last update 2/8/01]

On Friday, January 19, we visited the campus and were greeted by Isabel Jimenez, Office of Academic Interchange and Scholarships, and by Mstra. Lourdes Feria. We were given an extensive tour of the campus, especially the areas of computing and networking. [photos - last update: 2/1/01] [details - last update 2/8/01] We met Pedro Damián, who is in charge of the Faculty of Telematica (information technology and telecommunications) and Mstra. Genoveva Amador Fierros, who is Director of the UNI program. On Monday, we received a very gracious greeting from Dr. Fierro, and met Mstro. Armando Roman, in the Faculty of Telematica, who is helping me find ways to be useful.

On Thursday, January 25, we moved from Maria de la Paz's apartment to the apartment we had found on Calzada Galván. We had done some searching, with assistance from Isabel, to come up with this apartment. We rented a car for 2 days to assist with the move, and to help in setting up the apartment. [photos - last update: 2/1/01] [details - last update 2/8/01]

On January 24, we were welcomed to the University of Colima by the Rector, Carlos Salazar Silva. Later, on February 9, I gave a talk entitled "Aprendizaje Interactivo en el Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute". Both occasions were attended by campus press representatives, and resulted in articles in the campus newspaper, el Comentario. [details - last update 2/12/2001]

February is a big festival time in Colima. The neighborhood church of the Virgen de la Salud is the scene of a fiesta honoring this virgin on February 2. The following weekend is the opening of the major Fiesta Charrotaurino in the Villa de Alvarez. [photos - last update 2/15/01] [details - last update 2/15/01].

Lois has been delighted with the trees and other flowering plants here in the garden of Eden. She has a campaign to try to identify as many as possible. She asks gardeners who are working in the parks "what is that tree?". Still there are many we don't know names for. See if you can help! [photos - last update 2/22/01]

The highlight of the week was the Senior Citizens Carnaval Parade, on Fat Tuesday (2/27/01). Lois took photos and I took video. The photos are posted, but not the video!. [photos - last update 3/6/01][details - last update 3/6/01] This prompted a crusade to get a sonaja like the women of DIF-Manzanillo were using in the parade. [photos - last update 3/6/01].


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