Siete Lagos 6 - Lago Ranco
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

We arrived at the tourist office in Futrono shortly after 6pm on Wednesday. A wonderful young woman there gave us 4 options to choose among. The first one we tried – Posada Cun Cun – had a nice room with a private bath for Chile Pesos 18,000 (US$36) and we decided to take it. Inez and Luis have been running the place for 13 years, and they aim to please!! They offered us drinks and melon. We left to go find coffee and kuchen, which we did in short order at a nice restaurant close by with a great view of the lake. Then we went into town and checked out the “artesania” – good looking mermelada and not much else. We bought Pisco Sour to share with our hosts at the supermarket and came back to Posada Cun Cun where Luis and Inez (who were working diligently in their enormous garden) answered all our questions. For example, Luis told us, when we asked, that the brochure lies when it claims that the road all the way around Lago Ranco is paved. They offered us the use of their hammocks and the terraza, both of which we did use. They surrounded us with music and offered us food, which we refused. They were a delight!! Thursday morning at breakfast we had a nice chat with the other guests: a woman doctor from Santiago and her daughter. It was a great breakfast with home made juice, jam, cheese. Luis went with us to the Jardin Botanico of the Centro Campestre Lago Ranco (owned by the Caja de Compesacion de los Andes). He signed us in and took us to the start of the path and we parted ways. This lovely site is very well maintained, with lush plantings. We saw lots of Bandurias and Lapwings. After the garden tour, we drove on the paved road around Lago Ranco to Llife and then on to the Salto del Nilahue, which turned out to be 12 Km of ripio (gravel and pretty tough!), not 5km (as the promotional brochure stated). We paid 600 Chile Pesos (US$1.20) each to walk down to the bottom of the falls on private property—well worth it! We also viewed the falls from the top of both sides of the river. After a delightful picnic lunch at a rest stop overlooking Lago Ranco, we headed back home to Valdivia.

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