Siete Lagos 5 - Choshuenco
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

Wednesday morning we headed out on the paved road around Lago Panguipulli, which lasted for about 23 km. Then we bounced over 25+ kms of ripio (yukky gravel road) to Neltume (where we stopped for bread and gave a ride to a woman and a young boy). Arrived at Salto Huilo Huilo at 11am – Chile Pesos 2000 (US$4) each admission, and well worth it! Wonderful forest and waterfalls. At 12:20 we started to get hungry, so we headed for the town of Choshuenco. There we ate well. We took some photos of the empty beach (lots of wind) and the rusty steamship. Then we headed back to Panguipulli. 75km total of ripio for the day, but with Volcánes Mocho and Choshuenco dominating the views. We passed through Panguipulli and Los Lagos, driving on paved roads that sorely needed repairs. Los Lagos turned out to be the pits. We could not find the center of town, a cup of coffee, or a tourist office. So we continued on to Futrono, on Lago Ranco.

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