Siete Lagos 4 - Conaripe
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

Driving south Tuesday morning past Lago Calafquen and Coñaripe toward Liquiñe, the scenery was spectacular, but we got sick of the ripio (dusty gravel mountain road) about 10 Kms short of Liquiñe. Not far beyond Liquiñe, this road continues over the Carirriñe Pass into Argentina. But we turned around and asked at the entrance to “Termas de Coñaripe” (admission $12.00 US per adult) if we could enter just to eat. This is one of the many famous Thermal Bath Resorts in the area. It was 12:20pm and the woman said their 2 restaurants did not open until 1 PM, “pero ni modo”, she gave us a free “ticket” to enter. The place is really LOVELY and we were fortunate to have 40 minutes to walk around, taking pictures, including a walk to the “Pisicultura” (fish hatchery) before eating in the self-serve place. Afterward, we drove back through the village of Coñaripe, where we saw one of the many bands of scouts tramping along.

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