Siete Lagos 3 - Lago Calafquen
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

We left Panguipulli at 11am Monday, heading for Coñaripe. The bad gravel road got even worse with a significant detour, so the 24 km. took quite a long time. Finally arriving in the village of Coñaripe, on the shore of Lago Calafquen, we had a delicious dinner at 1:30; we were starving. From there, we headed north on a paved road to Lican Ray, which turned out to have a lovely black sand beach. At 3:15 we rented a 2 person kayak for $4 an hour and paddled out to some privately owned islands and back. Very lovely views of Lago Calafquen and Volcán Villarica. We had fun, although we were over-dressed for the kayaking with long pants. Went on to Villarica, where we spent Monday night. Tuesday morning, we headed south from Villarica toward Liquiñe, with plans to eat lunch there. Instead we ate at Termas de Coñaripe, then returned to Lican Ray by 3 PM. For 300 Chile Pesos (US$0.50) each we gained entrance to the Peninsula green space, where we walked for an hour. We then took paved roads around the lake—more wonderful views of multiple volcanos—to Panguipulli. We took a short detour down to the lakeside village of Calafquen to take some photos of Volcán Villarica across Lago Calafquen.

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