Parque Oncol
Photos by Lois and Don Porter

Some 32km from Valdivia, mostly on a bumpy gravel road, lies Parque Oncol. High atop the coastal range, it includes 754 hectares of mostly native forest. At 715 meters, the top of the ridge, lookouts provide a great view of Valdivia, with rivers and with the mountains in the distance. This park is funded by the Celco organization, so it has tremendous financial resources (which is clear from a visit to the website). It is a wonderfiul place, but it doesn't make up for the damage done to the rivers by Celco's plant.

060118-102028IMG_7656 060118-112846IMG_7687 060118-113158IMG_7688 060118-115308CRW_0516
060118-102028IMG_7656.jpg         060118-112846IMG_7687.jpg         060118-113158IMG_7688.jpg         060118-115308CRW_0516.jpg        
060118-115400IMG_7691 060118-115724IMG_7694 060118-125848IMG_7712 060118-131644CRW_0531
060118-115400IMG_7691.jpg         060118-115724IMG_7694.jpg         060118-125848IMG_7712.jpg         060118-131644CRW_0531.jpg        

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