Valdivia - the Market on the Costanera
Photos by Lois and Don Porter

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The Schuster Pier and River Market are a beehive of activity from 8 in the morning until about 2 in the afternoon. Sea Lions, cormorants, and sea gulls hang out waiting for scraps from the fishmongers. A wide variety of seafood is available. Just across the street is an arts and crafts market. Lois purchased a portrait of a Mapuche woman done by a local woodburning artist.

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060108-103518CRW_0349.jpg         060108-103552CRW_0350.jpg         060108-104008CRW_0363.jpg         060108-104242CRW_0374.jpg        
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060108-104430CRW_0380.jpg         060108-104450CRW_0381.jpg         060108-104922IMG_7552.jpg         060108-105042IMG_7559.jpg        
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060108-105050IMG_7560.jpg         060108-105108IMG_7562.jpg         060108-105144IMG_7566.jpg         060108-105244IMG_7571.jpg        

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