The Coast at Valdivia
Photos by Lois and Don Porter

Many of the thousands of visitors come to Valdivia in the summer to visit the coast - "La Costa". Just a 20 minute drive from downtown Valdivia takes you to the coast, beginning with Niebla. Nearby, to the south across the bay that is formed by the mouth of the Valdivia River, is Corral. Following the coast north from Niebla, you come to Los Molinos (The Mills), followed by San Ignacio, and then, some 30km farther, to Curiņanco. All along, spectacular beaches are followed by rocky headlands. Fishing is the major occupation. Curiņanco is not quite the end of the road, but that is as far as we went. At Curiņanco, we hiked in the wonderful, but hidden, Parque Punta Curiņanco.

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