Valdivia - Bike ride to the Kunstmann Brewery
Photos by Lois and Don Porter

The Kunstmann Brewery (and restaurant) is located out of town on the way to Niebla. We rode our bikes there on Sunday, January 15, 2006. It is Chile’s premier local brewery, and offers guided tours of the plant and tastings of 5 varieties of beer. It turned out we had a delightful bike ride, but we couldn’t enjoy the beer or the tours … since it was election day in Chile, all establishments that sell alcoholic beverages were closed.

060115-105436CRW_0477 060115-111054CRW_0481 060115-111228CRW_0483 060115-111524CRW_0488
060115-105436CRW_0477.jpg         060115-111054CRW_0481.jpg         060115-111228CRW_0483.jpg         060115-111524CRW_0488.jpg        

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