Valdivia - Botanical Garden of the Univ. Austral de Chile
Photos by Don Porter
1/15/2006 updated 3/20/2006

The Botanical Garden is part of the University Austral. It was created in 1957. It contains an extensive sampling of local and non-local trees, shrubs, and other plants.

060105-140518IMG_2035 060105-142356IMG_2045
060105-140518IMG_2035.jpg         060105-142356IMG_2045.jpg        

Images added March 20, 2006. These include more photos from the Jardin Botanico, but also photos from adjoining areas in Valdivia. Parque Saval is a multi-purpose park, with exhibition space, picnic and recreation areas, lily pond, sculpture garden, trails in the forest, and a "canopy" course. Behind Parque Saval is the university arboretum and agricultural research station.

060202-134100IMG_2435 060202-134610IMG_2444 060202-141524IMG_2447 060215-095320CRW_1447
060202-134100IMG_2435.jpg         060202-134610IMG_2444.jpg         060202-141524IMG_2447.jpg         060215-095320CRW_1447.jpg        
060215-095652CRW_1451 060215-101616CRW_1457 060215-103844CRW_1467 060217-105314IMG_2589
060215-095652CRW_1451.jpg         060215-101616CRW_1457.jpg         060215-103844CRW_1467.jpg         060217-105314IMG_2589.jpg        
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060217-111428IMG_2592.jpg         060306-130744IMG_2658.jpg        

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