Valparaiso - New Year's Eve Fireworks
Photos by Don Porter

People come from all over the world to Valparaiso for the New Year's celebration. Of course the whole city is a party all day New Year's Eve. And then at exactly midnight, the fireworks begin. Organized by a major fireworks expert, the show goes on for 25 minutes, with 7 locations along the shore of the bay. From our vantage point on the roof of Jorge and Maria Eugenia's building, we had a perfect view of the entire event. We had a delightful evening with their family, capped off by 20 tons of fireworks!

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051231-224920CRW_9973.jpg         051231-230246CRW_9987.jpg         051231-230308CRW_9989.jpg         051231-230552CRW_9999.jpg        
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051231-230642CRW_0005.jpg         051231-230654CRW_0006.jpg         051231-230718CRW_0009.jpg         051231-230932CRW_0022.jpg        
051231-231014CRW_0027 051231-231032CRW_0029 051231-231126CRW_0035 051231-231302CRW_0045
051231-231014CRW_0027.jpg         051231-231032CRW_0029.jpg         051231-231126CRW_0035.jpg         051231-231302CRW_0045.jpg        

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