Valdivia - Seventh Annual Dog Show
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

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On Saturday, January 21, 2006, Valdivia celebrated its seventh annual dog show, organized by a local veterinarian. Over a hundred dogs and their owners participated. There were 5 categories, but by far the most interesting was "best costume". Some of the dogs came from as far away as Temuco (100 miles), undoubtedly because their owners were on vacation in Valdivia.

060121-142920IMG_7751 060121-142934CRW_0576 060121-143330CRW_0583 060121-143352CRW_0586
060121-142920IMG_7751.jpg         060121-142934CRW_0576.jpg         060121-143330CRW_0583.jpg         060121-143352CRW_0586.jpg        
060121-143352IMG_7762 060121-143434IMG_7765 060121-144148CRW_0597 060121-144254IMG_7778
060121-143352IMG_7762.jpg         060121-143434IMG_7765.jpg         060121-144148CRW_0597.jpg         060121-144254IMG_7778.jpg        
060121-145348IMG_7784 060121-150618CRW_0606 060121-150634CRW_0608 060121-150728CRW_0609
060121-145348IMG_7784.jpg         060121-150618CRW_0606.jpg         060121-150634CRW_0608.jpg         060121-150728CRW_0609.jpg      
Winner of owner-dog lookalike (as judged by us)  

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