Valdivia - Our friends, the fabulous Daniela and Karen, of the Tourist Info Office
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

Upon our arrival in Valdivia, after moving into our cabaña, our first task was to visit the Tourist Information Office at the waterfront. There we met Daniela and Karen, the most incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and capable professionals anyone could hope to find. Lois had a long list of questions; I just had one: where can I find a piano I can use regularly for practicing? They had an answer: they called the Conservatorio de Musica, and identified the person I should speak with, Prof. Escobar, the Director. And they made an appointment for me to see him immediately. We walked the 6 or 8 blocks to the Conservatorio, and Prof. Escobar very graciously offered for me to practice using the piano in his studio! One of Lois’s questions for Daniela and Karen was: how can we rent bikes for 3 months? They contacted a youth center they knew of that maintains a batch of old bikes to loan out to kids for free. We were amazed that they loaned us bikes at no charge, for 3 months! We went back to visit Daniela and Karen to show them the bikes. They continue to be incredibly helpful!

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060110-142554IMG_2080.jpg         060110-142612IMG_2081.jpg         060113-125158IMG_2097.jpg     Daniela and Lois    060113-125344IMG_2105.jpg       Lois and Karen 
060113-125458IMG_2107.jpg    Lois and Karen    

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