Valdivia - Summer Course in Mapuche silver jewelry desiign and fabrication
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

The Extension Division of the University Austral offered 28 summer courses during the week of January 9-13, 2006. Don and Lois attended a 2 day (8 hour) course on the “History of Art in Europe”. Lois attended a 5 day (15 hour) course on Mapuche Silver Jewelry. The Mapucghe are an indigenous group in Chile famed for their unique silver work. Egidio Pavez, the instructor, is not a Mapuche, but he is committed to reviving the craft of Mapuche silversmithing. The first photo shows him demonstrating the use of a “laminating” tool. The second shows examples of his handiwork. Later photos display the students’ efforts, including Lois’s version of a “Pimpin”, or Mapuche ancestor. The final evening there was a closing ceremony and celebration – classes showed the results of their efforts. The Belly Dance class gave a short performance. The final photos show Lois’s pendant up close, and modeled by Lois.

060109-190336IMG_7619 060109-190344IMG_7620 060113-203112IMG_2109 060113-203126IMG_2110
060109-190336IMG_7619.jpg         060109-190344IMG_7620.jpg         060113-203112IMG_2109.jpg         060113-203126IMG_2110.jpg        
060113-203714IMG_2115 060115-073618CRW_0451 060115-090742CRW_0465  
060113-203714IMG_2115.jpg         060115-073618CRW_0451.jpg         060115-090742CRW_0465.jpg        

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