Reserva Costera Valdiviana
Photos by Don and Lois Porter


Photos taken on February 21, 2006 in the Reserva Costera Valdiviana, Chile, by Lois and Don Porter. The Darwin's Frog ( Rhinoderma darwinii and the large snail ( Macrocyclis peruvianus common name: Forest Snail; Nombre Común: Caracol Negro; Caracol Vaca; Caracol Gigante; Caracol del Bosque) ) were found by our guide, Erik Inostroza, on our walk in the Alerce Sector of the reserve. We owe Erik our thanks for a delightful excursion. The images are copyright 2006 by Don Porter and Lois Porter, as noted in the metadata. They are freely available for any purposes authorized by the Reserva Costera Valdiviana, the WWF, or The Nature Conservancy.

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060221-093752CRW_1592 060221-093802CRW_1593 060221-093810CRW_1594 060221-093820CRW_1595
060221-093752CRW_1592.jpg         060221-093802CRW_1593.jpg         060221-093810CRW_1594.jpg         060221-093820CRW_1595.jpg        
060221-093824CRW_1596 060221-095006IMG_9157 060221-095012IMG_9158 060221-095038IMG_9159
060221-093824CRW_1596.jpg         060221-095006IMG_9157.jpg         060221-095012IMG_9158.jpg         060221-095038IMG_9159.jpg        
060221-095044IMG_9160 060221-101450CRW_1640 060221-101526CRW_1641 060221-101548CRW_1642
060221-095044IMG_9160.jpg         060221-101450CRW_1640.jpg         060221-101526CRW_1641.jpg         060221-101548CRW_1642.jpg        
060221-102706IMG_9176 060221-102714IMG_9177    
060221-102706IMG_9176.jpg         060221-102714IMG_9177.jpg        

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