Valdivia - Costanera (the waterfront)
Photos by Don and Lois Porter
1/15/2006 updated 3/26/2006

Valdivia is located at the confluence of three rivers, part of a complex network of watercourses that create an area of major significance environmentally, commercially, historically, and aesthetically. Two sides of the main downtown area are bounded by the Calle Calle River and the Valdivia River. Along the coastline of these two rivers runs the “Costanera” boulevard. This is the locus of major activity – the Mercado Fluvial (Riverside Market) is here, along with other commercial activity. It is also the home of much of the recreational opportunities of the city. At least a dozen tour boats operate from the pier near the market. Rowers practice their skills in sculling in front of the pier. Across the river are the Historical Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. A family of sea lions hangs out around the market, to compete with the birds for the leftovers from the fish market. And near the bridge across to Isla Teja is the steam-powered “Collico”, a show boat if there ever was one.

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During January and February, the cultural ministry of the city of Valdivia sponsors many concerts and performances. Some of these take place outdoors on a stage set up on the Costanera near the Pedro Valdivia bridge to Isla Teja. One of these performances, on Feb. 17, featured dance companies from Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela. The dancers and the costumes were fabulous. The other new photos here show (1) a horse cart (very common in Valdivia) parked momentarily in front of the Municipalidad (City Hall) facing the river, and (2) Lois on our favorite bike route, along the Costanera bordering the Calle Calle River.

060217-204936IMG_9019 060217-222222IMG_9027 060217-222252IMG_9029 060315-145324IMG_2727
060217-204936IMG_9019.jpg         060217-222222IMG_9027.jpg         060217-222252IMG_9029.jpg         060315-145324IMG_2727.jpg        

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