Valparaiso - Festival Finale: Parade
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

The closing day of the Festival de las Artes was Friday, December 30. The highlights for us were a rowdy and exuberant parade, and then performances at the stage set up next to Plaza Italia. The whole day was full of a wild party atmosphere - people wearing costumes for the fun of it, and behaving creatively to match the costumes. Lots of people selling things, either on the sidewalk or just walking around: especially confetti. The kids loved covering themselves and others with confetti ... and some people who were no longer kids got right into it as well. Of course this was a heyday for the folks who are used to performing in the streets - a great mime we remember from last year, for example. But it was a day for everyone to get into the act.

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051230-184630IMG_7311.jpg         051230-185422CRW_9786.jpg         051230-185430CRW_9787.jpg         051230-185500IMG_7313.jpg        

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