Valparaiso Carnival Exhibits
Photos by Don and Lois Porter

The Festival includes visual arts along with performance arts. We visited a number of exhibits, including some in the shiny new building (well, refurbished) of the Consejo Nacional de Cultura y de las Artes (CNCA). Perhaps the emphasis on cartoon art comes from Argentina, but the interest shown by the audience was intense: crowds perused cartoon art books at length in the CNCA hall.

051228-100154IMG_2000 051228-100228IMG_2002 051228-101846IMG_2007 051228-102006IMG_2011
051228-100154IMG_2000.jpg         051228-100228IMG_2002.jpg         051228-101846IMG_2007.jpg         051228-102006IMG_2011.jpg        
051229-100830IMG_2016 051229-101342IMG_2020    
051229-100830IMG_2016.jpg         051229-101342IMG_2020.jpg        

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