Valdivia - Our Cabaña
Photos by Don and Lois Porter
1/15/2006 -- updated 3/20/2006

Cabañas are the most common lodging in Valdivia for tourists. Typically a family visits here for a vacation, and rents a cabaña for a few days or a week. So we had some negotiating to do to be able to rent by the month. Fortunately, our hosts Raul and Lucy are very flexible. We are very comfortable in our little cabaña, located 6 blocks from the central plaza in Valdivia. Lois enjoys Lucy’s kittens, visible next door from our upstairs bedroom window – here are some of Lois’s photos of them. But most of all Lois enjoys “Bruja” ("witch"), a neighbor’s dog. Bruja adopted Lois early on, since she (Bruja) is a glutton for attention. You can tell from Lois’s smile that they are best friends. The other photos, taken by Lois, show Don enjoying all the comforts of home in our pleasant cabaña.

060110-082616IMG_7623 060110-082724IMG_7628 060111-104948IMG_2092 060115-072520IMG_7649
060110-082616IMG_7623.jpg         060110-082724IMG_7628.jpg         060111-104948IMG_2092.jpg         060115-072520IMG_7649.jpg        
060115-073038IMG_7652 060115-073518IMG_7655    
060115-073038IMG_7652.jpg         060115-073518IMG_7655.jpg        

Images added March 20, 2006:

060311-104038IMG_9420 060311-131430IMG_9424 060311-131436IMG_9425 060311-131838IMG_9428
060311-104038IMG_9420.jpg         060311-131430IMG_9424.jpg         060311-131436IMG_9425.jpg         060311-131838IMG_9428.jpg        

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