Photos by Lois and Don Porter

For our second, shorter trip to the south, we flew to Temuco, rented a car, and drove to Lago Villarica, one of the most frequented and famous of the Chilean lakes. On the western shore of the lake is the town of Villarica, where we stayed in the "Swiss Towers" bed & breakfast - one of the group identified in an attractive brochure that we picked up in Puerto Octay at the wonderful Zapatos Amarillas B&B. On Friday morning, we walked around at the lake shore and enjoyed views of Volcán Villarica. Then we visited the Mapuche Museum, upstairs in the public library in Villarica. Here we continued our education about Mapuche culture.

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050318-083946IMG_1185.jpg         050318-084050IMG_4833.jpg         050318-084106IMG_4834.jpg         050318-084622IMG_1190.jpg        
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050318-090752IMG_1193.jpg         050318-090934IMG_4856.jpg         050318-091946IMG_1195.jpg         050318-092106IMG_4864.jpg        
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050318-092148IMG_1199.jpg         050318-093204IMG_4881.jpg         050318-093218IMG_1206.jpg         050318-093350IMG_4884.jpg        

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