Photos by Lois Porter

Vaparatango is a week-long festival in Valparaiso featuring all things tango-related. There are demonstration performances by local tango academies in the Plaza Civica Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. These free events include other entertainments, such as movies featuring the tango, as well as informal competition for anyone who signs up on the spot. On Thursday the events move into the Teatro Municipal, the competition heats up, and the professionals put on shows. And the price starts going up. By Saturday the price gets pretty steep. These photos are from Tuesday evening, when we got there early enough (just barely) to get seats in the top row of the bleachers. The crowd is dense, intense, and completely enchanted. Some of the tango academies feature very young dancers (there were 4 youngsters, 9, 13, 13, and 14 years of age Tuesday night). The audience loved them. And later there were some extremely able and adventurous senior citizens, who also got raves.

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