Valparaisor Scenes
Photos by Lois Porter and Don Porter

Here's a few scenes of interest from our days in Valparaiso. Many evenings, we take a walk along the coast on the Avenue Altamirano. These photos show a bit of the coast, with Vina del mar in the background across the bay. Lois discovered in a guidebook that a well-known local artist, Guillermo Valdivia, was commissioned to paint a mural in a car dealer's showroom. We searched until we found it. It is pretty amazing, showing an interpretation of what Valparaiso was like in 1945, complete with posters for "Gone With the Wind". Then we later found that he had done another similar mural in the entrance to a supermarket in Valparaiso. We attended an organ concert in the Anglican Church, performed by Prof. Italo Olivares, pictured with Lois. Prof. Olivares is the owner of the piano that Don has rented for practicing. Next, we have Jorge Schlichting, our landlord, on the roof of our apartment building with Don. A sometimes treat at the nearby 21 de Mayo overlook is a llama, dressed up for photos. Another local treat is an expert mime who performs late afternoons at the major intersection in front of Plaza Victoria, downtown Valparaiso.

Ave_Altamirano_1 Ave_Altamirano_2 Guillermo_Valdivia_1 Guillermo_Valdivia_2
Ave_Altamirano_1.jpg         Ave_Altamirano_2.jpg         Guillermo_Valdivia_1.jpg         Guillermo_Valdivia_2.jpg        
Italo_Olivares_and_Lois Jorge_Don Llama_1 Llama_2
Italo_Olivares_and_Lois.jpg         Jorge_Don.jpg         Llama_1.jpg         Llama_2.jpg        
Mime1 Mime2    
Mime1.jpg         Mime2.jpg        

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